History of Sri Sharada College

Basrur was an urban centre in medieval period with the name ‘Hosapattana Basurepura’ as referred in an inscription dated 1155 A.D. It was a confluence of cultures during the period of Vijaya Nagara Empire. The foreign travelers who visited Basrur during 17th and 18th centuries have left reliable accounts of beauty of this town as a cultural centre and its usefulness as a Port. The town is located in a serene atmosphere surrounded by paddy fields and coconut gardens watered by the river Varahi.

Due to certain changes took place during British rule, Kundapur developed as sub-divisional head quarters for administration, Basrur lost its earlier glory and pushed to the socio-economic backwardness.  Keeping in view of the social and educational backwardness of the people the local visionaries formed ‘The Hindu School Association in 1934, which sponsored Sri Sharada College Trust in 1972. The Trust established Sri Sharada College in 1973 to provide University under graduate courses in Arts, Commerce and Management streams. At present the College is affiliated to Mangalore University. Later the College is recognized by UGC under 2(f) in 1981 and 12(B) in 1991.

To ensure quality in higher education UGC sponsored NAAC an autonomous body to assess and accredit the institutions of higher education. To enhance the quality and its sustenance in higher education, the institution underwent the accreditation process in 2004. Accordingly  the College prepared the Self Study Report and submitted to the NAAC. The Peer Team visited the College, assessed and submitted its report to the NAAC and the College has been accredited with B+ Grade.